A Woman’s Right to Liberty

Today I received an e-mail titled “Radical assault” from Elena Perez and the Political Action Team at MoveOn.Org.  They were asking for a donation to produce a “hard-hitting TV ad” in response to the ” GOP’s war on women’s health”.

This was my response:

I am a woman.

I have three daughters who will one day themselves be women.

I have personally experienced both planned and unplanned pregnancy.

I have experienced a “crisis pregnancy”.

I have experienced times when I was unable to afford contraception and/or not had insurance coverage for contraception though I desired to use it. 

My crisis pregnancy was directly related to lack of insurance coverage/inability to afford my contraception of choice.

Additionally, I have been personally and professionally involved in a field of reproductive-health for over sixteen years.

Yet, I do not support this MoveOn campaign.

This campaign is based on willful ignorance and is decidedly full of “spin”.  In fact, it spins fast and giddy on the edge of being an outright lie.

This is not a fair or accurate depiction of the “republican” challenge to the mandatory contraception coverage plan. 

This is not an appropriate way to approach the “republican” challenge to the mandatory contraception coverage plan.

I put the word “republican” in quotes above because, though it is indeed the House Republicans battling this unconstitutional plan, I personally am not a republican–nor are many other Americans who challenge the constitutionality of President Obama’s proposal.

This is not a republican vs. democrat issue.

This is not a “women’s rights” issue.

This absolutely is a freedom of religion and separation of church and state issue.

This is an issue of understanding and defending the liberty that is uniquely ours as Americans.

Please remove my name from any similar future mailings.

Thank you.

Let Freedom Ring

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