I Hate My Target Store

The Target store nearest me frequently has sale items advertised in their weekly ad.  They also have a signs on the shelf saying that the item is on sale.  But, all too often, this item will not ring up as being on sale.  And I’m only buying it if it’s actually on sale.

Knowing all this, I always double-check what the sale sign says (in case it’s been put out by the wrong item) and match the UPC code on the sign to the thing in my hand.  Then, I always ask the cashier to check the final prices on the sale-items before I pay.  Almost always, at least one item has not rung up correctly.

Invariably, the cashier will tell me I am at fault, “You must have the wrong one,” she will say.  I will tell her I do not have the wrong one. She will then call back to the department to have an associate check if my item’s UPC code matches with the sale tag on the shelf.  If I’m lucky this will be the end of it.  Other times, however, I have to suspend my transaction and walk back to the department myself to physically get the sales tag and bring it up to the cashier so she will ring the correct price and change it in the system.  Erg.

This same Target store also has many grocery items that have never been correctly entered into the system.  These items will ring up as items that cannot be purchased using an EBT (food-stamps) card.  Now, the truth is, all grocery foods and drinks are purchasable with food-stamps. The only grocery-like items that are not purchasable with EBT are alcoholic drinks and certain herbal teas that are labeled (and coded) as a “supplement”.  However, at our Target, I was once told I could not purchase particular flavors of yogurt.  Whatever.

Now, I realize that I could have just said, “Fine, here’s your blackberry and cherry, I’ll just take the strawberry and key lime.”  But that would mean I would have done nothing to help the next EBT-dependent yogurt buyer AND that would mean I could never myself purchase blackberry or cherry yogurt from this Target.  What am I supposed to do?  Start keeping a list of what flavors of items ring up correctly at this particular store?

On “the yogurt day” I learned (from an exasperated customer-service associate) that every cashier has the ability, and is supposed to, add food items into the system directly at their register.  But my experience is that none of them actually know how to do this. Even if they did, how would they know when to do it?  Seriously.  At least the one couldn’t understand that, if one flavor of “Archer Farms Yogurt” is considered food that you can purchase with food-stamps, then all “Archer Farms Yogurt” are therefore food you should be able to purchase with food-stamps.  Did I mention yet the embarrassment of being at the front of the held-up line of people eager to pay the wrong price for their own purchases?

Today I wasted time with my daughter choosing three different pads and tampons to get the “FREE Venus embrace razor when you buy 3 selected Always or Tampax products” only to be charged for the razor at checkout. The cashier told me it was obviously my fault because you have to buy three of the *same* specially marked item to get the free razor.  No, actually.  You don’t.  But, here–take this package of fancy “Always,” that I would never otherwise buy, and your stupid razor.  Today I’m not walking back to that department to show you that you’re wrong.  And I didn’t want them anyway.


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